TaylorCraft BL-65 - BL-65

Old ready to use Aircraft, available in Poland. We are open for any coopaeration on a field of overhauling and reexploration. - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/taylorcraft-bl-65-10000275
Type: VL AircraftCondition: UsedYear Built: 1941Place of Origin: United States
Model Number: BL-65   
TaylorCraft BL-65
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We are proud to announce that An-2 Poland has bought a new aircraft from 1941 - Taylor Craft BL-65.

We are open for any cooparation in a field of renovation and reexploation. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.

Taylor Craft is a legendary aircraft. The company was established in 1926 by Clerence Gilbert Taylor and as a first one it offered sport aircrafts for private users. Its first slogan was - "Buy Your Airplane Taylor Made".

Nowadays, for experts, every TaylorCraft is a great rarity.


Year 1941,

Total time TT 2772,3 h

Engine Continental A65 240,5h

Orginal Propeller

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