The micro light aircraft Viper SD-4 - SD-4

The micro light aircraft SD-4 Viper, is a two-seat, low wing monoplane of all-metal, structure with the side-by-side seat - details see:
Type: New build on requestCondition: NewPlace of Origin: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Model Number: SD-4
two-seat: red, blue, silver,Brand Name: Viperall-metal structure: custom made color 
The micro light aircraft Viper SD-4
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Aircraft description

The micro light aircraft SD-4 Viper is a two-seat, low wing monoplane of all-metal

structure with the side-by-side seat arrangement and aerodynamic control.


The fuselage has a semi-monocoque latticework construction formed with spars

and duralumin covers. The tail fin is an integral part of the fuselage. The engine

section is separated from the crew compartment by a steel fire-resistant wall.


The wing is of an all-metal, rectangular-shaped monospar construction provided

with an auxiliary spar. It is equipped with an aileron, a slotted landing flap

controllable electrically in three positions and a fuel tank. The wing ends are

terminated with composite wing tips.


The empennage is of a conventional structure. The horizontal tail unit consists

of stabilizer with right and left elevators which are connected by means of

control. The elevator is provided with a balance tab controllable electrically.

The vertical tail unit is taper-shaped and constructed of a tail fin and a rudder.


The cockpit with side-by-side seating is covered by transparent or tinted canopy

that offers incredible visibility. The canopy is detachable upwards and backwards.

Two-point canopy lock is controllable by two stand-alone handles mounted on both

sides of cockpit. The cabin is equipped with two intake openings on both sides of

fuselage and is vented by ram air over the instrument panel without airflow regulation.


The landing gear is of the tricycle type. The main landing gear is constructed of

composite springs. The wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes which

are controlled by control lever located on the middle panel between pilots´ seats.

The steerable nose wheel is springloaded by rubber ligaments. The landing gear

wheels are equipped with wheel fairings.


It features a conventional dual control system. The elevator and ailerons are

tied-rod operated, the rudder is cableoperated.

Safety harnesses

Viper SD-4 is delivered with three-point safety harnesses.

Fuel system

The fuel system consists of two integrated lock-in fuel tanks installed in the

wings and provided with a fuel cock and draining valve, distribution piping,

a master fuel valve, a filter, and an electric charger fuel pump.


It is possible to use fixed or adjustable propeller. The propeller must be compatible

with the engine so that it would not limit the performance of the aircraft in the

operational regime.


The aircraft is powered by ROTAX 912 ULS/S-four-stroke, four-cylinder type

boxer, the cylinder heads are liquid cooled and the cylinders are air- cooled.

The engine is equipped with a reducer and two carburettors.

Towing device

Technical Specifications

Engine: 4-Takt Rotax 912 ULS/S, 100hp

Wing span: 8,5m

Length: 6,4m

Width: 2,2m

Maximum take off weight: 450kg

Cruising speed: 200km/h

Stall speed: 65km/h

Climb rate: 6,5m/s

Practical ceiling: 5000m

Take off distance: 220m

Landing distance: 250m

Tank volume: 70l

Range: 750km

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