- Equipped with GPS for Auto-hovering, - Weight:20kg, - Flight time:30~45 min., - Can be used as USV, Camera plane, Air feeder - details see:
Type: HelicopterCondition: NewYear Built: 2012Place of Origin: Karnataka India
Model Number: ACON-H   
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Product Description

ACON-H is a newly invented high-tech R/C helicopter which features auto-hovering.

It has a competitive advantage regardless of the place where it will be performed. The price, perfection of stability between its engine and fuselage, lightness, the work convenience, etc makes ACON-H special.

We would like to inform you that it has sold for more than 4 years in our domestic market and we have continued to upgrade it so the stability between engine and fuselage has already escalated to the level of perfection. (We can not stress enough how important the stability is.)
You can buy ACON-H to your exact specifications such as fuselage only, fuselage plus servo or fuselage plus servo plus auto-hovering etc.

• Specification
-Wing Length : 2,030mm
-Tail Wing Length : 280mm
-Fuselage Length : 1,850mm
-Engine : 110cc Twin Engine, 11.8hp
-Flight Speed : Max 180km/h
-Flight Time : 30 ~ 45 min.
-Total Weight : 20 kg

• Sraying Device Specification
-Spray Capability 1 time : 9,900m²
- Liquid Tank Volume : 10 L
- Spraying Device Weight : 2.5kg

1. Spray Performance
- Spraying Amount : 2L/min.
- Spraying Method : Nozzle Type
- Spraying Pressure : 80PSI (5.5Bar) Cutoff

2. Nozzle
- Method : Corn Type / Vertical Folding Type
- Nozzle Qty : 4 Pcs
- Boon Length :1,720mm

3. Pump
- Type : Piston Type
- Operating Method : Motor
- Power : DC 12v

• Main Parts
1. Remote Controller
-Frequency: 2.4GHz/ Frequency miscommunication protection
-Channel : 10 CH
-Fail Safety Function
-Remote Engine Start Setting

2. Engine
- Type : Turbo Air cooling type 2 cycle 2 cylinder Horizontal Engine
- CC : 110CC / 11.2hp
- Cranking Method : Remote Auto Start
- Fuel : Gasoline

3. Safety Pin
- Purpose : Protects negligent accident like main rotor by driver’s mistake during Engine start.
- Instruction : Insert Safety pin before engine start.
- Method : Mechanical type preventing transmission’s rotation.

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