utility aircraft

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Type: utility aircraftCondition: NewPlace of Origin: Hunan China (Mainland) 
utility aircraft
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Looking for General Aviation Technology, Capital Partners

Cooperation theme:General aviation aircraft manufacturing technology and capital cooperation

Ways of cooperation:Two parties or three parties in China will set up a joint venture in Hunan Changsha, general aviation aircraft manufacturing company, Chinese party holdings.

Annual production plan:100 planes

Cooperation Requirement:Partner must be the local legal enterprise; at least five years experience of Research and development, manufacturing concerned with general aviation aircraft in European and America; Capital investment quota must be 0.1 billion dollars at least.

Project Background:China South Industrial Group, Hunan Government has the intention of looking for general aviation aircraft manufacturing technology and capital partners face to the world, based on Hunan Vanguard Group Co., Ltd, replying on the market demand of general aviation aircraft in Hunan province.

Introduction of Demandeur:Hunan Vanguard Group Co., Ltd

Hunan Vanguard Group Co., Ltd is a large scale army-civilian combination state-owned enterprise directly under China South Industrial Group. We have fixed asset of 0.2billion dollars, total land area of 8.13 million square meters, staff of 3200 persons, 600 engineer and technicians.

We have ten years experience of designing and manufacturing flight vehicle, and expand production capability gradually. We invested 0.1 billion dollars to establish our new production base in Changsha economic development zone in Hunan province.

Market Demand Analysis:

China government published officially “Ideas on Deepening the Revolution of Low Level Airspace Management in China” on November 14th, 2010, which makes an explicit rule regarding China low level airspace management. The publishing of this policy is very significant for facilitating the development of China general aviation and the flourishing China general aviation manufacturing. Recently, China general aviation developed rapidly, the average annual increase is ten percent. In the next ten years, the average annual increase will be more than fifteen percent. For Hunan province, in five years, there will be about one hundred planes demand, and the average annual increase is ten percent.

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