vertical wind tunnel ProFi SVP 500

Our wind tunnel is intended for trainings of parachutists and for entertainments., SVP - details see:
Type: vertical wind tunnelSize: 3.2mvertical wind tunnel: ProFi SVP 500 
vertical wind tunnel ProFi SVP 500
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On manufacturing and delivery of a training apparatus aerodynamic

Company "Profishing-C" offers delivery of a training apparatus aerodynamic "ProFi SVP 500",

creating an air stream of high capacity.

Uniqueness of an offered complex consists in its technological flexibility and high efficiency. Technical

characteristics of the given complex are comparable with more expensive foreign analogs.

Universality is expressed in possibility of use of a complex both as an attraction and for carrying out of

trainings of professional parachutists.

Multifunctionality of a complex is reached at the expense of optimum distribution of space and possibility

of fast transportation from one place on another.

The basic advantages of a complex is the following

1. Application specially designed six blade, the air screw with a complex of the diesel engine

capacity of 500 h.p. allows to receive exclusively equal and powerful air stream with display of low

turbulence and turbulences.

2. The complex "ProFi SVP 500" is more universal as allows to spend at high level training to two

professional parachutists simultaneously.

3. The complex skeleton allows to organize survey platforms.

4. Automation of management by a complex and application of the modern software allow to reach high

level of safety with preservation of peak efficiency of operation. Safety of the client during flight is

provided with plastic "glass" cable the grids limiting a zone of flight, and constant control of speed

of a stream by the operator.

5. Capital expenses for acquisition of an offered complex are 10 times less expenses for delivery of

foreign analogs.

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