We offer An-26, An-26-100 for ACMI - An-26B

1. Immediately ready An-26, AN-26-100 with TCAS on ACMI conditions, 2. Immediately An-26 with TCAS, EGPS on ACMI conditions - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/we-offer-an-26-an-26-100-for-acmi-10000193
Type: Cargo AirplaneCondition: UsedPlace of Origin: UkraineModel Number: An-26B
We offer An-26, An-26-100 for ACMI
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For reception of final conditions ACMI of leasing send the following information:

- The Lessee under the Contract-? Details of the company and bank. -

- Call Sign of The Lessee - ?

- Type A and requirements to the equipment (CAS, EGPWS) -?

-Has begun works and term of rent -?

-Base - ?

-Region of flights, routes of flights (whether there are zones of military actions) -?

- Character of transportations ?

- a planned strike in a month -?

-positioning, re- positioning - The Lessee.

The Insurance for Europe and War (Military actions) - The Lessee.

After the analysis of the Application with a management of airline, the decision makes and conditions of rent A stand out. In case of. If The Lessee agrees with conditions of Lessor the Contract for signing is sent. After signing the contract documents on A are sent.

ACs at us in a good technical condition also pass service on the basis of Volga-Dnepr in the Emirates. But our position is unequivocal.

As soon as we agree on conditions, we sign Contract ACMI that confirms your serious intentions and after that we send documents. After signing the Contract the advance payment should be made within not later than 10 days.

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